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How to leverage data insights to enhance hybrid learning


Wed, Nov 18 | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET





AnalyticVue Webinar Overview

The AnalyticVue team would like to invite you to join us on November 18, at 2 PM ET, to learn about our exciting new platform, the insights it provides into all your key data and how we can support schools, teachers, and students with that data. This webinar will provide you with a detailed overview of the AnalyticVue and how it provides all stakeholders with unprecedented insights into school data and how it uses AI-driven models to help make data more actionable.

Why now? Well. We know how challenging remote and hybrid learning models can be. With so many different platforms and tools capturing data, how can you understand where your students really are? We have worked with teachers, school and district leaders and education tool providers to automate that data aggregation and apply data models and reports to give teachers, administrators, parents and even students better insights as to where they are and where they might need help.

This webinar is designed to highlight how our clients (and prospective clients) can successfully leverage data from systems across the districts to empower teachers and decision making.

About AnalyticVue

AnalyticVue transforms complex data into simple (secure, role based, easy-to-access, easy to understand) graphical and tabular views. It facilitates meaningful conversations to fuel higher value analysis and encourages actions leading to greater individual and institutional performance. By integrating the most commonly used district educational applications such as SIS, LMS, and third party Assessment tools, AnalyticVue delivers data and analytics-as-a-service without having to invest valuable resources towards psycho-metrics, statistics, or expensive information technology infrastructures.

This webinar is great for district administrators, school leaders and teachers looking to drive discussions and actions using data. Click here to Register

Feel free to download AnalyticVue overview.

We look forward to chatting with you.


  • Intro
  • How automation can help make data useable
  • Empowering teachers to use data
  • District Client Spotlight Massachusetts district
  • Demo of the solution
  • Q&A

Things you’ll learn


If I am Principal, what do I learn from this?

  • How to help my teachers
  • How to provide better insights to my parents
  • How do we better support our students

If I am a curriculum director, what do I learn from this?

  • How do I better support my curriculum decision
  • How do we change our curriculum decision based on need
  • How do we support teachers more effectively

If I am an assessment director, what do I learn from this?

  • How do I compare assessment data
  • How can i used data to inform decisions
  • How can I support our curriculum teams to make more informed decisions

If I am a data director, what do I learn from this?

  • How can i more effectively manage data
  • How can I develop better reports
  • How can I integrate data

If I am a technology director, what do I learn from this?

  • How can I develop better reports
  • How can we better support teachers/parents/students
  • How can I integrate this in our existing technology environment?

If I am an assistant superintendent, what do I learn from this?

  • How can I use data to support my schools needs
  • How can i use disparate data to help inform decisions
  • How can i better support my key stakeholders

About your Hosts


Zach Tussing

President, Sales



Manos Stefanakos

Chief Data Architect


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