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AnalyticVue is a secure, cloud-based platform that transforms raw K12 data from multiple district systems into unified, clear, and actionable insights you can use to improve student outcomes. Our solution benefits everyone in K12 education – District Administrators, Curriculum Administrators, Data Coaches, Principals, Teachers, Students, and Parents

Demystifying Data for Schools using AnalyticVue

AnalyticVue Key Features

AnalyticVue key features
  • Q.   All Your K12 Data in One Place

    Sign in once on one secure, user-friendly platform, and access aggregated K12 education data analytics, reports from disparate District Data Sources like Student Information System (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), third party diagnostic assessments, summative assessments and other solutions.

  • Q.   Data Visualization

    AnalyticVue provides organized dashboards and roster views that display key metrics in a simple, intuitive user interface with color-coded notifications rank and highlight information that requires urgent action. You also have the freedom to sort and filter your K12 data to support blended teaching and create cohort groups on a fly to track performance.

  • Q.   Customizable Dashboards

    K12 data is displayed in easy-to-use, informative dashboards that you can customize to display K12 analytics the way you want to see them. There are panoramic, district-level views, which you can drill down into and track a particular student’s performance, provide personalized learning plan.

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